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Andor Zatoschil - Colour Shift
Male Models, On-Location, Portraits Andor Z – Colour Shift
Andor Zatoschil - Elegant Contrast
Male Models, Portraits, Studio Andor Z – Elegant Contrast
Stefan Bunazioiu – Suit Up
Male Models, Portraits, Studio Stefan B – Suit Up
Radim Zabransky – Strength
Male Models, Portraits, Studio Radim Z – Strength
Paul Paduraru – Urbanism
Male Models, On-Location, Portraits Paul P – Urbanism
Krisztian Belenyesi  – Streets
Male Models, On-Location, Portraits Krisztian B – Streets
Gergo Szabo – Solid Expression
Male Models, Portraits, Studio Gergo S – Solid Expression
Marc Timis – Steps
Male Models, On-Location, Portraits Marc T – Steps
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