A Little About Me

I am originally from Bristol, England, which is a fantastic city in the south-west of the UK, but I moved to Romania in 2013 in search of some adventure.

Most people ask me why I chose Romania, but the honest answer is, I just wanted to find a place that didn’t feel like a typical “tourist” destination. I originally moved to Targu-Mures, but relocated to Cluj-Napoca after 1 year. 

I’ve had a number of events take place in my life which reinforces my thoughts that we’re very lucky to be alive, despite all that might be wrong in the world at times, we just need to live in the moment and embrace it.

I’ve been shooting under the alias “ALR Photography” since around 2010 and have worked in a range of areas such as, portraiture, events, boudoir photography, nude, live performances and even a couple of weddings (which I prefer to avoid)… Too stressful for my liking! That’s work, and what I do is not work, it’s passion.

I am always looking for valuable collaborations, so if you think you would like to work with me and have something great to offer, I’m open to suggestions, just get in contact with me.

Explore my website, or get in contact!

– Aaron

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Let's Talk Plan Collaborate Create Art !

I’m available for both hire as well as collaborations. Depending on what you’re looking for, you should get in contact with me and we can discuss ideas.

If you’re interested hiring me to cover an event, please ensure that you leave information with regards to when and where the event is taking place in your message to speed up the process!

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