Timeline of Photo Shoots

I've been shooting somewhat professionally since 2012. It's been awesome building this website and looking back over my photo sessions and watching how I've improved and evolved. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to create this timeline, which shows each photo shoot in order of the date that it was completed.
  • 16
    Friday October, 2020

     - Stefan B – Suit Up

    It's been a while since I've worked with a guy in the studio, I guess that's because girls just naturally enjoy having their photo taken more. So I was very pleased to have a chance opportunity to add a few more male portraits to my portfolio, and had a good laugh whilst doing it! Good fun!

  • 04
    Sunday October, 2020
    Erzsebet E - Wild

     - Erzsebet E – Wild

    This is the last of the summer series I'll be posting this year, but as they say, you should save some of the best until last. This session was taken in a small green patch, on the beach in Constanta. Again, a good excuse to use the Helios 44-2 with a fantastic subject and beautiful surroundings.

  • 24
    Thursday September, 2020
    Cristiana I - Costal II

     - Cristiana I – Costal II

    As summer gets further and further away, it's nice to be able to re-live some of those moments through photos. These were taken during a trip to Constanta and during the same session with Erzsebet. I suppose this is the benefit of going on holiday with two very pretty ladies who enjoy having their photos taken!

  • 05
    Saturday September, 2020
    Erzsebet E - Coastal

     - Erzsèbet E – Coastal

    I was invited to join Erzsèbet, and her friend, Cristiana, on a trip to Constanta, located on the shores of the Black Sea. Needless to say, the camera had to come and many a photo was taken! These are just a few of them, more to come!

  • 06
    Monday July, 2020
    Sorina R - Natural Beauty

     - Sorina R – Natural Beauty

    It had been a couple of years since me and Sorina had a chance to take another shoot, but this was a great opportunity to try out a classic lens, the Helios 44-2 M, from 1976, and an absolutely stunning model! Not all of the photos were taken with the old lens, but the results were fantastic either way!

  • 01
    Saturday February, 2020
    Mihaela R - Shower

     - Mihaela R – Shower

    With little preparation, this shoot came together very well! Considering that we didn't really know what the plan was going to be, we were both super impressed with the results.

  • 07
    Monday October, 2019
    Cosmina S - Stripes

     - Cosmina S – Stripes

    I suppose that this is one of the key benefits of living nearby a photographer, or should I say, the benefit of a photographer living nearby someone who wants to take a photo shoot without planning!

  • 29
    Sunday September, 2019
    Andreea M - Window

     - (M) Andreea M – Window

    These photos were taken with little planning, in a vacant apartment, next to the studio. Little did I realise, how well these photos would come out, especally as we had originally planned a studio photo session.

  • 01
    Thursday August, 2019
    Timea S - Delicacy

     - Timea S – Delicacy

    Since getting my new camera, I wanted to shoot in different lighting situations, and was fortunate enough to have Timea around to help me shoot as the sun was basically going down. Very impressed with the way the camera handled, and very impressed with Timea... as always!

  • 27
    Saturday July, 2019
    Erzsebet E - Silver

     - Erzsebet E – Silver

    Me and Erzsèbet have been connected for quite some time, however, for some reason we had never connected and taken photos together. After a few weeks of chat, we came together to create these awesome photos!

  • 08
    Monday July, 2019
    Bianca H - Walls

     - Bianca H – Walls

    This was an unplanned addition to the "Meadow" shoot. Bianca's ability to adapt and work in different environments, allowed us to create a nice contrast, by falling back into a nearby abandoned building with awesome graffiti.

  • 08
    Monday July, 2019
    Bianca H - Meadow

     - Bianca H – Meadow

    Meadow was taken just outside of the city of Cluj-Napoca, in an area surrounded by beautiful hills and trees, perfectly paired with Bianca! Despite the fact the hill was completely uneven, we managed to take some wonderful photos together, again!

  • 07
    Sunday July, 2019
    Monica P - Perform

     - Monica P – Perform

    This was the originally planned photo shoot between me and Monica, before we ended up climbing into the attic and taking the "Forgotten" photo shoot. Her beauty, combined with her talent made these simple studio shots, feel like an entire performance!

  • 07
    Sunday July, 2019
    Monica P - Forgotten

     - Monica P – Forgotten

    Me and Monica met through a promotion that I ran a number of years ago with some makeup artists, and as I found out she was leaving the city, it just seemed like taking a photo shoot and combining our creative talents was the right thing to do, before she left!

  • 20
    Thursday June, 2019
    Nguyet Anh N – Dark Path

     - Nguyet Anh N – Dark Path

    We were just planning to attend an event which was canceled. The event took us to the forest at Hoia Baciu in Cluj-Napoca, which is shrouded in mystery. Although the event was cancelled, there were lots of spots of light cutting through the trees, and from this, we created some incredible shots!

  • 13
    Saturday April, 2019
    Spring - Boro K

     - Boró K – Spring

    I was hired by Boró to take some photos at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Cluj. Despite the fact it was forecasted to rain, we got super lucky and had some fantastic weather, pathing the way for fantastic photos!

  • 10
    Sunday March, 2019

     - Nguyet Anh N – Lightplay

    This shoot was actually taken at the same time as the "Greens" session with Naomi, however, decided to add a little bit of delay between the posts.

  • 06
    Sunday January, 2019
    Nguyet Anh N - Greens

     - Nguyet Anh N – Greens

    Without any real planning, we managed to take a number of different styles within one session and the results were quite creative!

  • 05
    Saturday January, 2019
    Radim Z - Strength - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - Radim Z – Strength

    Radim hired me to take some photos for his visit to Cluj as a part of a body building competition. It is a great addition to my relatively scare portfolio of shoots involving male models!

  • 20
    Thursday December, 2018
    Madalina B - Festive - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Madalina B – Festive

    This was my first photo session with Madalina, but it certainly won’t be the last. It’s a real nightmare to take photos of the centre of the city at Christmas with 1000’s of people around, so it was absolutely awesome that she decided to work with me at 12:30am, when it was basically completely empty and full of snow!

  • 15
    Saturday December, 2018
    Timea S - Deep Black - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Timea S – Deep Black

    A part of my recent studio photo session with Timea. Experimenting with light, shapes, highlights and shadows is always fun, but the results with her are always absolutely perfect! Stay tuned for the next set with the white background!

  • 10
    Monday December, 2018
    Nguyệt Anh N - Luminatus - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Nguyệt Anh N – Luminatus

    Nguyệt Anh, or "Naomi" and I were in touch for a few months before we actually managed to take this shoot. It was great to finally meet and explore with light at the same time. We actually managed to get around 3 or 4 different styles out of the time we spent together and this shoot is just one of them.

  • 25
    Sunday November, 2018
    Anonymous VII - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Anonymous VII

    Another "Anonymous" session, another fantastic selection of photos. Although my it's always great to include the model's face, it just goes to show, that not every photo session has to have an individual identity.. instead, you can showcase beauty in another way, keeping the person's identity a mystery!

  • 09
    Friday November, 2018
    Bianca H - Attitude - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Bianca H – Attitude

    My second shoot with Bianca, and after over 2 years of not working together, it was great to finally reconnect and take some fresh photos, but this time in the studio! A nice contrast in style in comparison to the original shoot at The Office called "Urban Landscape". It was great to catch up and I'm sure that we'll take more shoots as time goes on!

  • 09
    Friday November, 2018
    Timea S - Purple - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Timea S – Purple

    This shoot with Timea is actually part of a 2-part session, with completely different styles and vibe, it's amazing how this girl can transform the mood and feeling of a session! I always love working with Timea, not just because she's beautiful, but also because we ALWAYS end up with absolutely awesome results! Part 2 will come soon!

  • 07
    Wednesday November, 2018
    Jessika T - Selection - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Jessika T – Selection

    This was my first photo shoot with Jessika! We had actually met a few years before in an elevator and somehow crossed paths recently, and decided it would be a great idea to take a shoot! In a random free-slot, without any planning, on the same-day, we managed to squeeze in a 4-outfit photo shoot! Here are some of the results.

  • 06
    Tuesday November, 2018
    Marta C - Forest - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Marta C – Forest

    After almost 1 entire year, Marta and I managed to fit in a great outdoor photo session in the forest surrounding Cluj-Napoca. It's was a great opportunity to catch up, as she has been living in the UK, but as soon as I realised she was visiting Cluj, we had to take advantage of the beautiful autumn colours!

  • 21
    Sunday October, 2018
    Timea S - Nightlight - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Timea S – Nightlight

    The first photo shoot of 2018 with Timea, 1 year and 10 days after our first photo session. This was actually the first actual "night" style photography shoot that I've ever done. Yes, I probably should be ashamed that I'm only just starting to work on these photos, but honestly, they are outside of my comfort zone. However, we don't grow if we don't push ourselves, right?

  • 07
    Sunday October, 2018
    CARINA ANA MARIA CATCHING UP - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Carina Ana-Maria P – Catching Up

    4 years had passed since me and Carina last met and it was time to catch-up! Shooting with her is an absolute breeze! She's confident, tall and even has some experience which makes everything so much easier! This is a collection of images from our session!

  • 10
    Monday September, 2018
    Alexandra P - Heating Up - Nude - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Alexandra P – Warming Up

    A sensual and seductive photo session with Alexandra. Taken in 2018, this was my first nude photo session of the year.

  • 21
    Tuesday August, 2018
    Diana N - Faith - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Diana – عايشه

    Diana booked me for a session at the Botanical Gardens in Cluj-Napoca. It was the first time I'd worked with someone in such an extravagant outfit, full of colour, wonderfully contrasted against the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

  • 22
    Sunday July, 2018
    Electric Castle 2018

     - Electric Castle 2018

    Photos from the 6th edition of Electric Castle - 18-22 July 2018, taken by English Photographer, Aaron Roberts. #EC6 #MeetMeAtTheCastle

  • 17
    Sunday June, 2018
    Sorina R - Forgotten II - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts

     - Sorina R – Forgotten II

    The continuation of the "Forgotten" shoot, taken on the same day, but at a different location on the way back from the original mansion / castle location. Sorina was telling me how she had visited this place many years before, but that it's almost nothing like it was before, due to the fact that it's been vandalised, destroyed by people and of course natural destruction.

  • 17
    Sunday June, 2018
    Sorina R - The Gardens - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Sorina R – The Gardens

    Set in the gardens of an abandoned mansion out in the countryside surrounding Cluj-Napoca, we used the beauty of nature claiming back it's territory to create almost a fairytale scene.

  • 17
    Sunday June, 2018
    Sorina R - Forgotten - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts

     - Sorina R – Forgotten I

    This place is quite a journey outside of Cluj, at a place called Kornis Castle. It's a fantastic location with some incredible remains of an old mansion and it's castle gardens. Despite the fact it's falling down, Sorina managed to restore some of it's beauty through her elegance.

  • 20
    Sunday May, 2018
    Andreea M - Confidence - Nude - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Andreea M – Confidence

    Andreea and I planned this shoot, almost last-minute, but the results were absolutely staggering! It was my first nude photo session of the year in my new studio, and the results and Andreea did not disappoint. Absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

  • 14
    Thursday December, 2017
    Anonymous V - Cluj-Napoca - Boudoir - Aaron Roberts

     - (M) Anonymous VI

    Another Anonymous set. This model is absolutely beautiful, but she wishes to keep her identity hidden. Every single person should be proud of who they are, feel confident in their own skin, you can do all of this, have a photo session wearing little to nothing and feel a sense of power, knowing that it was you in these photos and everyone else can keep guessing!

  • 14
    Thursday December, 2017
    Anonymous IV - Boudoir - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - (M) Anonymous V

    I've worked with model on more than one occasion, and honestly, it's so wonderful to see her evolving in her self-confidence. She went from imagining she'd never be able to do a photo shoot like this, to being one of my favourites in the space of one session! I absolutely adore working with her, she just prefers to stay anonymous for now!

  • 18
    Saturday November, 2017
    Timea S - Studio I - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts

     - Timea S – Studio I

    This was my first photo session in the studio with Timea. I have known Timea for years, but it wasn't until she moved to Cluj to start studying, that we finally got to work together. Fantastic model!

  • 10
    Tuesday October, 2017
    Timea S - Train Yard - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Timea S – Train Yard

    My first ever photo shoot with Timea. After knowing each other for some years, it was great to take this session with her. However, it wasn't even planned. I just took my camera to our meeting and we ended up at the back of the train station in Cluj-Napoca, shooting these awesome shots!

  • 03
    Sunday September, 2017
    Ioana P Dark Smoke - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca - Fotograf

     - Ioana P – Dark Smoke

    A spur of the moment photo session, with no prior planning. Also this was my first session with Ioana, and the results were actually pretty good.

  • 05
    Saturday August, 2017

     - Untold Festival 2017

    View the official ALR Photography photographs from the incredible Day 3 - Cluj Arena for Untold Festival 2017, Cluj-Napoca, featuring Era Istrefi and more.

  • 01
    Saturday July, 2017
    Bianca N - A Walk In The Park - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Bianca N – A Walk in the Park

    July 1st, 2017, me and Bianca went for a walk in the park. Summer on full power and beautiful scenery to assist us in creating a beautiful shoot in the centre of Cluj-Napoca.

  • 06
    Thursday April, 2017
    Marta C - Delicacy - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Marta C – Delicacy

    I first met Marta as a part of a promotion that was being ran back in around 2014. We'd remained in contact and even met up for another little shoot before this one took place, but I believe that these images are some of the best that we'd taken together up until that time.

  • 17
    Saturday December, 2016
    Priscila B - Winter Wonder - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Priscila B – Winter Wonder

    This was my 3rd photo shoot with Priscila. I swear, this girl can work in all conditions. Whether it's sunny and hot, or cold and snowing, she manages to fit right in every single time!

  • 19
    Saturday November, 2016
    Anonymous III - ALR Photography - Nude

     - (M) Anonymous IV

    A continuation of Anonymous II, same model, completely different lighting.

  • 19
    Saturday November, 2016
    Anonymous II - Nude - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Anonymous III

    Combining the art of the female form, Yoga and Photography into one. This silhouette style photo session was taken in 2016 and was my first nude session being taken with my at-the-time, newly purchased studio equipment. Very pleased with the results.

  • 15
    Saturday October, 2016
    Bianca N City Break - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Bianca N – City Break

    January 2016, Bianca came to Cluj for a city break with a friend and took the opportunity to have a fashionable photo session with me in the streets of Cluj,

  • 10
    Saturday September, 2016
    Priscila B - At The Park - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Priscila B – At The Park

    This was my second photo session with Priscila, and once again she didn't disappoint! Not just is her happiness contagious, she's inventive, prepared and always willing to try different styles and angles. Very pleased with these elegant results.

  • 05
    Monday September, 2016
    Timea J - Shapes - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Timea J – Shapes

    After the studio light stopped working and we decided to work with less flashes, but still managed to create some fantastic results.

  • 05
    Monday September, 2016
    Timea J - Soft Light - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Timea J – Soft Light

    During this photo session, one of my lights actually failed and it marked a turning point as I ended up having to buy brand new lighting after this shoot. However, we didn't let it stop the show, and managed to create some very warm studio photos.

  • 31
    Wednesday August, 2016
    Anonymous I - Boudoir Photography - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - (M) Anonymous II

    Hired to take photos of this fantastic model. A very confident, vibrant and sensual girl with plenty of personality. This album consists of a couple of different shoots combined into one.

  • 28
    Sunday August, 2016
    Bianca H - Urban Landscape - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Office

     - Bianca H – Urban Landscape

    Taken at The Office in Cluj-Napoca, this was my first photo session with Bianca and in fact, my first meeting with her too. Despite us never having met in person, we managed to create some fantastic photos together.

  • 01
    Monday August, 2016
    Sorina R - Forbidden - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Sorina R – Forbidden

    Taken on Aug 1 ,2016: There was the remains of a failed development close to my apartment in Manastur where I was living. You could simply walk onto the site, and me and Sorina decided that it would make for an interesting photo shoot, and it certainly did.

  • 19
    Sunday June, 2016
    Priscila B - Arena - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Priscila B – Arena

    My first photo shoot with Priscila after we got in contact online. She's so happy and bubbly, that it doesn't even matter if the sun is shining or not, we're gonna have a great time and the photos will be even better!

  • 10
    Friday June, 2016
    Andreea C - Sensuality - Cluj-Napoca Boudoir - ALR Photography

     - (M) Andreea C – Sensuality

    I was hired to shoot with Andreea back in 2016. It was our first meeting, but this did not stop her from pulling out all the stops and creating beautiful work. Very professional, sweet and awesome to work with!

  • 07
    Saturday May, 2016
    Cristina R - Status - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca - Nude

     - (M) Cristina R – Status

    Cristina hired me back in 2016 to take this attitude and confidence filled photo session. Looking absolutely fantastic, she performed incredibly well in front of the camera with her stunning body and beautiful eyes!

  • 06
    Sunday March, 2016

     - (M) Iulia M – Boudoir II

    Another session with Iulia, getting right into the zone and working her magic.

  • 06
    Sunday March, 2016
    Iulia M - Less - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Iulia M – Less

    Sometimes less is more, beautifully demonstrated by Iulia during this sensual shoot.

  • 27
    Saturday February, 2016
    Sorina R - Bell Tower - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Sorina R – Bell Tower

    A rare opportunity to head up into the tower of the landmark church in Piata Unirii, Cluj-Napoca. Sorina managed to create so much atmosphere and energy in this historic building, allowing me to capture some of the most interesting photos I've ever taken.

  • 01
    Monday February, 2016
    Iulia M - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Iulia M – Sheer Perfection

    Beautiful curves are always a benefit to any sensual boudoir or semi-nude photo shoot. A progressive shoot with a couple of complimenting outfits, showcased in both colour and black and white.

  • 29
    Friday January, 2016
    Anonymous - I - Nude - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Anonymous I

    This was my first official nude photo session. I actually advertised a casting for this shoot and I was even a little bit nervous about taking it. It's a very intimate experience to work with someone you've never met, and have them be completely naked. However, I was extra impressed with the fact that I remained focused on the results of the shoot and that both me and the model were super happy with the work.

  • 20
    Friday November, 2015
    Oana M Relax - Cluj-Napoca - Boudoir

     - (M) Oana M – Relax I

    This session was organised by a property owner to help showcase his home. It turns out that the images ended up being used in advertising, so that's another matter and a lesson learned on my side, but even-so, the images are a great addition to my portfolio.

  • 17
    Tuesday November, 2015
    Daliia M - Studio Session - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Daliia M – Studio Session

    A short, 3-outfit, studio photo shoot with Daliia M. Taken in 2015.

  • 18
    Sunday October, 2015

     - Sorina R – Elegance

    My first photo session in the studio with Sorina, 3 different outfits, 3 different styles but the same elegant result.

  • 04
    Sunday October, 2015
    Timea J - A Touch of Class - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Timea J – A Touch of Class

    The final session from 3 outfits with Timea taken in October 2015. We went for a combination of vintage, classy and sexy, which I think we achieved quite well.

  • 04
    Sunday October, 2015
    Timea J - Mirror Mirror - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - Timea J – Mirror Mirror

    A small selection from a collection of photos taken from the second outfit of Timea and my first photo session together.

  • 04
    Sunday October, 2015
    Timea J - Cardigan - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Timea J – Cardigan

    This was my first photo shoot with Timea, and one that spanned a few different outfits. She managed to secure a truly beautiful house for the location of the photo session and the owner was more than welcoming.

  • 03
    Saturday October, 2015
    Mihaela S - Black Lace - Boudoir - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Mihaela S – Black Lace

    Taken on 3 October 2015: Whether she's in black and white or full colour, this girl is absolutely phenomenal to work with and look at. Her poses, attitude, expressions and power are so vivid in these photos, that you don't even need colour.

  • 03
    Saturday October, 2015
    Mihaela S - Polka Dot Shorts -

     - Mihaela S – Polka Dot Shorts

    Another session with Mihaela as a part of the Miss Transylvania shooting. Believe it or not, this was the first time I ever used a plain wall as a backdrop, instead of the actual studio backdrop. I learned something new that day which helped me evolve a little more in my work.

  • 03
    Saturday October, 2015
    Larisa C - Black Lace - Aaron Roberts - Boudoir - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Larisa C – Black Lace

    Another shoot from the Miss Transylvania collection with Larisa. This girl is the gift that keeps on giving. Beautiful, sexy and 100% focused on achieving the best shots. Working with her is a delight.

  • 03
    Saturday October, 2015
    Mihaela S - Shades of Blue - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Mihaela S – Shades of Blue

    Mihaela was one of the Miss Transylvania models who came along to my studio all the way from Bistrita, around 100km from Cluj-Napoca. She's worked with a number of agencies and her experience shows. She required no guidance at all, and in fact, she even taught me a thing or two.

  • 03
    Saturday October, 2015
    Larisa C - Fashion Shoot - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Larisa C – Fashion

    Hired by "Miss Transylvania", I worked with Larisa to shoot a range of different styles and outfits. These two are two of my favourites, but it doesn't matter what this girl wears, she looks amazing no matter what.

  • 13
    Sunday September, 2015
    Ana - Come Home - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Ana T – Come Home

    A random photo shoot which resulted in a walk from the forest, back to my home at the time shooting. From the forest, through the streets of Manastur until we arrived.

  • 08
    Saturday August, 2015
    Sorina R - Street Art - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Sorina R – Street Art

    This ended up being an extension of the Gas Station photo shoot with Sorina. The weather was so good, and we were getting on so well, that it just made perfect sense to continue our photo session and take some more photos.

  • 08
    Saturday August, 2015
    Sorina R - Gas Station - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - Sorina R – Gas Station

    My first photo shoot of many with Sorina. Taken on August 8th, 2015, I had the vision of creating an American gas station look with a hot model to great the kind of atmosphere that I imagined. Although 3 or 4 people applied, Sorina and her bright hair was the one that stood out the most, and then we created this!

  • 02
    Sunday August, 2015
    Laura O - Flowers in Her Hair - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Laura O – Flowers in Her Hair

    Laura showed up on my radar when she appeared as a friend suggestion. Originally, I thought she was a fake profile, because I couldn't get over how beautiful she was, but when I realised the person behind the profile was real, and that she was indeed in Cluj, there was one thing that I knew I had to do... and that was to take these awesome, summery photos!

  • 15
    Monday June, 2015
    Mara N - Poolside - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Mara N – Poolside

    Second shoot in the series with Mara from my visit to Targu-Mures back in 2015. Lucky enough to find the place empty, probably because it was technically closed, but this was the PERFECT opportunity for some pool photos without 1,000 kids in the background.

  • 15
    Monday June, 2015
    Mara N - Black Dress - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Mara N – Black Dress

    On one of my trips back to Targu-Mures after moving to Cluj-Napoca, me and Mara took our first photo shoots together. We were fortunate enough to gain access to the "Weekend Complex" despite the fact that technically it was closed.

  • 14
    Sunday June, 2015
    Alexandra M - Floral Dress - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Alexandra M – Floral Dress

    This is the second photo shoot with Alexandra from my 2017 visit to Targu-Mures. I worked with 3 or 4 different people during my time back in the city that I once called home. The images have been re-edited in 2018 to bring them up-to-date with my current skillset.

  • 14
    Sunday June, 2015
    Alexandra M - Forest Flowers - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Alexandra M – Forest Flowers

    One of the two shoots that I took with Alexandra back in Targu-Mures during a trip in 2015.

  • 14
    Sunday June, 2015
    Andreea S - Former Glory - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Andreea S – Former Glory

    Tucked away in the hills of Targu-Mures, in Pădurea Cornești, Targu-Mures, stands an old house which has some history behind it, which sadly I cannot recall right now. Falling down, ugly walls and collapsing roofs surrounding us as we took this photo shoot.

  • 14
    Sunday June, 2015
    Andreea S - City Centre - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Andreea S – City Centre

    When I first moved to Romania, I lived in Targu-Mures. During my time in the city, I got to know many people, but some of which I'd never had the chance to work with, including Andreea. Finally, almost 1 year after I moved to Cluj-Napoca, I returned back to the city and took this fantastic shoot in the centre of the city I called home for 1 year.

  • 14
    Sunday June, 2015
    Andreea S - Train Station - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Andreea S – Train Station

    At the Targu-Mures train station in June 2016, me and Andreea took a fantastic shoot. Scorching heat and a broke phone screen later, we managed to create these fantastic photos.

  • 31
    Sunday May, 2015
    Paul P - Urbanism - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Paul P – Urbanism

    This was my first meeting with Paul, just before he started getting into his fashion projects and studies, it was clear that there was something special about this guy. The way he carries himself, and he knows exactly what he wants from his session. Working with him was great then, and we continue to work together on much larger projects.

  • 03
    Sunday May, 2015
    Krisztian B - Streets - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

     - Krisztian B – Streets

    I've known Krisi for a long time. Literally since I was back in Targu-Mures. He moved to Cluj for his studies, and I managed to catch up with him here and take this awesome urban style photo shoot.

  • 21
    Saturday February, 2015
    Gergo S - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - Gergo S – Solid Expression

    First session with Gergo and it was purely experimental. Taken back in 2015, it marks one of my first and earliest shoots with a male model. Needless to say, Gergo performed very well.

  • 16
    Tuesday December, 2014
    Tina C - Classic Elegance - Boudoir - Cluj-Napoca - ALR Photography

     - (M) Tina C – Classic Elegance

    My first boudoir photo session in Cluj-Napoca! This was a fantastic session, taken in 2014 with Tina. She's a great model as you can see from the results of this session.

  • 23
    Sunday November, 2014
    Carina - Dressed To Impress - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Carina Ana-Maria P – Dressed to Impress

    A photo shoot for Vintage Vibe, who were an online clothing store, dedicated to "Vintage" style clothing. Carina, with her long legs, beautiful eyes and pretty smile was grabbing more attention than the clothing itself.

  • 04
    Thursday September, 2014
    Andreea M Blue Dress - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Andreea M – Blue Dress

    Set deep in the forest, Andreea adds a splash of royal blue to the Autumn colours of the fallen leaves.

  • 08
    Tuesday July, 2014
    Andreea M - Summer Dresses - Aaron Roberts - Targu-Mures

     - Andreea M – Summer Dresses

    Me and Andreea took this shoot in the summer of 2014. It was our first photo shoot and the weather was literally perfect. Despite me picking up a rather pink "sun tan", we managed to produce these awesome shots.

  • 08
    Tuesday July, 2014
    Georgiana O - Quiet Streets - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Georgiana O – Quiet Streets

    There's a cute little boulevard in Targu-Mures that is lined with streets and traditional architecture. Despite being just 2 minutes from the centre of the city, you can feel as though you're in a completely different country with the fact it's so relaxed and nicely presented. Even better is the way that Georgiana presented herself in this photo shoot involving a couple of outfits.

  • 08
    Tuesday July, 2014
    Georgiana O - Steps of Tradition - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Georgiana O – Steps of Tradition

    These steps were somewhat of a temporary landmark in Targu-Mures. I'd managed to take a shoot on these before with a male model, Marc, and it's interesting how gender can change the entire feel of the photo session.

  • 07
    Monday July, 2014
    Marc T - Steps - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Marc T – Steps

    Marc was the first guy I took photos of outside in Targu-Mures. Do you know how hard it is to find a guy who's willing to shoot with you? Honestly, despite these being very old, they've been retouched again in 2018 and they're as current today as they were back then!

  • 05
    Saturday July, 2014
    Diana V - Summer Walk - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Diana V – Summer Walk

    A continuation of the shoot July 2014 photo shoot with Diana in Targu-Mures. Her beauty even gives nature a run for it's money!

  • 05
    Saturday July, 2014
    Diana Riverside - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Diana V – Riverside

    A beautiful day with a beautiful young lady. Diana's beauty shone more than the sun on this hot July photo shoot taken in Targu-Mures back in 2014.

  • 30
    Monday June, 2014
    Ramona A - Graffiti - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Ramona A – Graffiti

    30 Jun 2014: Taken in the remains of an abandoned swimming pool in the middle of summer, in Targu-Mures. Not my first encounter with Ramona, but my first proper photo session. Needless to say, the results came out great.

  • 30
    Monday June, 2014
    Sonia B Graffiti - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Sonia B – Graffiti

    I took this shoot along side another model, and we just decided to see what we could get out of this old, abandoned swimming pool in Targu-Mures.

  • 29
    Sunday June, 2014
    Magda A - Red Dress - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Magda A – Red Dress

    Magda and I connected when she needed some photos for her graduation. We'd spoken a little bit before taking the shoot, but this was our first meeting and the results did not disappoint! She also is the reason I started to watch Game of Thrones, something I said I never would!

  • 14
    Saturday June, 2014
    Andrada B - Purple Haze - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Andrada B – Purple Haze

    Andrada has these incredible eyes and beautiful natural expression which just seems to always lock you into her stare when working with her images. Even after the shoot is finished and the images are finalised, her expression is captivating.

  • 14
    Saturday June, 2014
    Patricia V - Gentle Breeze - ALR Photography - Targu-Mures

     - Patricia V – Gentle Breeze

    This young lady was very, well, young when I first met her. However, she possesses a clear and defined beauty which makes photographing her just utterly enjoyable. I usually retouch images, and these have also been retouched, but a part of me feels guilty for changing photo that features her.

  • 10
    Saturday May, 2014
    Andreea G - Into The Woods - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Andreea G – Into The Woods

    The forest which sits in the centre of Targu-Mures, is one of the most picturesque examples of how nature and humanity can existing in harmony. Despite being in such close proximity to the busy roads, buildings and people, you can get lost in this tranquil environment. Alexandra managed to tap into this tranquility and I managed to capture it.

  • 10
    Thursday April, 2014
    Cosmina B - Pink - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography - Boudoir

     - (M) Cosmina B – Pink

    A girl with an absolutely fantastic figure in this mild boudoir photo session with Cosmina from back in 2014. Despite me almost knocking over a light halfway through the photo shoot when trying to capture a creative angle, the results are fantastic.

  • 10
    Thursday April, 2014
    Cosmina B - Denim - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - Cosmina B – Denim

    A shoot from back in 2014 with Cosmina in my Targu-Mures Studio. Absolutely sensational model with a fantastic body and looks to kill, it was a real pleasure to work with her.

  • 07
    Monday April, 2014
    Laura C - Diversity - ALR Photography - Targu-Mures

     - Laura C – Diversity

    Laura was one of my first photo shoots in my second studio in Targu-Mures. I'd already moved from my first studio and was looking to start working with some local talent, luckily Laura came to the rescue and we created these fantastic photos together.

  • 03
    Monday February, 2014
    Georgiana O - Snow - Targu-Mures - ALR Photography

     - Georgiana O – Snow

    This was my first shoot with Georgiana. It was pretty damn cold outside, but honestly, considering this was my first snow-shoot in Romania, I wasn't going to let that stop me. We took the shoot just around the corner from where I used to live in Targu-Mures back in Feb of 2014, 2 days after my birthday.

  • 09
    Monday December, 2013
    Laura P - Falling - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Laura P – Falling

    I was introduced to Laura through a colleague back in Targu-Mures. She was my second outdoor photo session in Romania, and she didn't disappoint at all. Naturally beautiful in a naturally beautiful surrounding, these photos came out better than I could have expected.

  • 05
    Saturday October, 2013
    Csilla K - First Shoot in Romania - Targu-Mures - Aaron Roberts

     - Csilla K – First Shoot in Romania

    This was my first photo session in Romania, and I was lucky enough to find a model, taller than me by a few cm's, with experience and some fantastic ideas to work with. Csilla has since moved on to working with some major brands, as well as travelling around the world for her modelling and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her!

  • 25
    Wednesday September, 2013
    Fen C - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) Fen C – Red Veil

    Taken on 25 Sep 2013: A dash of colour in the darkness. Sensual tones, warm but cold at the same time. This session was a great experiment with light, shadows and the female form.

  • 20
    Friday September, 2013
    El Fen Gypsy Girl - ALR Photography - Aaron Roberts

     - El Fen – Gypsy Girl

    It was a very cold September when this shoot took place, but we decided to take a trip down to a nearby river and trail. Standing in freezing cold water, dressed in nothing but veil and shirt.

  • 26
    Tuesday February, 2013
    Amy H - Just Dance - Aaron Roberts - Bristol

     - Amy H – Just Dance

    Amy had been dancing for a number of years, so it only seemed fitting that we should try to take a photo shoot which features some of what makes her who she is. Shot back in my first studio in Bristol, this was my first attempt at freezing motion in the studio.

  • 11
    Monday February, 2013
    El Fen - Barrow Gurney - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - El Fen – Barrow Gurney Hospital

    Barrow Gurney Hospital, was a mental asylum in Bristol. Opened in 1939 the hospital, just as the second world war started. It operated until 2006, where it sat abandoned for 7 years before this shoot with Fen was taken here. We didn't have permission to be on the premises, it was stone cold and security were also present on the site. This was a challenging shoot, but the results were worth it.

  • 05
    Tuesday February, 2013
    Fen C Pin Up - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - El Fen – Pin-up

    A fan of the swinging 60's, Fen suggested that we work together on a pin-up style photo shoot. I'm pleased to say that I accepted and managed to snap these awesome photos.

  • 05
    Tuesday February, 2013
    Fen C Dear Diary - Aaron Roberts

     - El Fen – Oh Dear Diary!

    Originally intended to be a pin-up style photo session, we combined it with a little bit of fairy tale beauty on a white background. At the time of this shoot, I was experimenting with some special effects, some which create a very "sketched" appearance to some of the photos, which I feel compliments the concept.

  • 18
    Friday January, 2013
    El Fen First Snow - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - El Fen – First Snow

    Snow in England was pretty rare up until around 2008-2009, where I saw some of the first "proper" snowfall in my life. In 2013, despite the cold weather and quickly fading light, me and Fen decided to do an impromptu photo shoot at a near by nature reserve.

  • 25
    Tuesday September, 2012
    El Fen - Aaron Roberts - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) El Fen – She Wore Red

    Another "She Wore" series with Fen C. One of my first models and this was also one of my earliest boudoir photo sessions using a black background and selective lighting.

  • 25
    Tuesday September, 2012
    El Fen - Aaron Roberts - Boudoir Photography - Cluj-Napoca

     - (M) El Fen – She Wore Black

    Fen was one of my first models. She is the person who got me started with portrait photography, and together we worked on many shoots. She wore black was a session that solidified out collaborative efforts, and projected us both into a new level.

  • 17
    Monday September, 2012
    Amy H - Abandoning Religion - ALR Photography - Bristol

     - Amy H – Abandoning Religion

    Shot on 17 Sep 2012: I grew up very close to this church, and it was pretty much this building which started my adventure into photography. Little did I expect to be returning over 15 years later to take photos of a model inside. Needless to say that Amy got right into the zone and was a real pleasure to work with!

  • 20
    Monday August, 2012
    El Fen - Fields Of Gold - Aaron Roberts - ALR Photography

     - El Fen – Fields of Gold

    This was my first on-location photo shoot! Close to where I used to live, back in Bristol, is a nature reserve called "Stoke Park". It's actually home to the Dower House, an ex-mental healthcare facility, surrounded by rolling hills and meadows. A perfect location for a perfect photo shoot.

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